Rant: Throw Out The Post

I’ve spent the last week crafting my post for this blog, and it was only when I was editing and transcribing it from my notebook to my laptop did it hit me.

This post is fucking boring.

This is not what the point of this blog is.

My first post was about my outlook on one of my favorite comic book characters of all time, Green Lantern, and why. I broke down my first real memory of seeing GL, went down some of the points that I think make the character amazing, and so on. Eventually, I was just regurgitating information that is readily available to any of you if you really give a fuck about Green Lantern. This is not an archive of dork info, nor did anyone ask for this.

I’ve thrown out the plan to write a blog post on Green Lantern to instead bring you this revelation…


It’s as simple as that. By the end of my GL blog post, the fanboy inside of me had gone to sleep. No longer did I feel like I was expressing the joy and excitement I felt starting it because I wasn’t writing about that. I was writing a barely-complete fan summary. So, instead, I’m writing this commentary on that feeling. Or better yet, knowing that what I was writing just felt wrong in the context of what I was writing it for.

In throwing everything I’ve got at this, I’ve found what I don’t have is time. Mostly, time for bullshit. So imagine my horror when I realized that a good portion of the time-consuming bullshit comes from me. The point is, I have to focus more on what I’m doing, not just doing it. Quality is what matters. If you want quantity, go check out my One Page Stories.

Green Lantern is fucking awesome. End of story.


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