Solidifying My State

I went back and forth in my head about what to write for this post. You see, I’m trying to keep up with a regular posting schedule, so there was no question about whether or not I wanted to post anything, because even if it’s a review of an obscure 90s flick most of us only half remember, or a synopsis of the characters in the bi-weekly D&D game I run, something is getting blasted out into the ether.

What I’ve settled on is a self-serving “current state of affairs” style rundown, with an emphasis on Wordslinging and what I’m aiming for in that area.


At the time of this post going up, I have one hundred and fifty-seven One Page Stories published on Instagram and Facebook.I’m resolute in my current attempt to post at least four or five of these a week, if not more. As a writing exercise, a warm up, and a way to stay consistent, I can’t think of a better exercise. This is why I dropped the perk of giving me a topic to base one on every month from the $10 tier on my Patreon, to $5. It’s a fun  challenge for me to take criteria from others, and run with it in an extremely limited space.


Issue one of “Spare Parts” is out, and I’m in the process of putting the second one together. For now, I’m using stories that I finished long ago. Pre-cooked an all that. However, I have been coming up with ideas for new short stories a lot lately, so I’m toying with the idea of a self-imposed writing/editing schedule for them, as well as the possibility of a longer form serial being added to my new monthly e-zine. I have no clue what form  that would take , but if it’s something that wouldn’t interfere with other things, then I’ll set my sights on developing something sooner rather than later.


Now that “A Patchwork Body” is fuel for “Spare Parts”, I’m free to put work into my other large scale projects. I still intend to put out a collection consisting of my novel “Bolt and Wing”, along with the novellas that occupy the same world. I’m struggling with what to actually call this series, but it turns out that, when put together, it is a pretty big collection. Not a bad way to re-release the material if I do say so myself.

I’m also back to hammering away at “The Last Party”, and it brings me so much joy to be doing it. It’s the strange format and the need for bookkeeping that goes with it that keeps me excited for the whole thing to be complete.When it’s finished and published, this is the work I really dont care if anyone ever reads, because it’s just the type of literary oddity I’ve been aiming to produce for a while now.


Since putting out “Spare Parts” exclusively on Patreon, I have gained a few contributors, which is enough to keep me going. The funds I get from there are by no means life-changing, but certainly are a form of life support. That’s not me complaining, by the way. That’s an acknowledgement of what that money means to me and my daughter. I think I’ve got a good lineup of tier rewards fleshed out, and at much better rates than what I had last year. The content I’m producing (both for free and behind a pay wall) is worth making, and a good friend reminded me that I’m “too good at what I do to not get paid for it”.

There are other things I’d love to discuss here, but I’m saving those for later this week. Gotta keep things short and sweet, and not blow everything in one, long-winded post. Catch you all on the flip side.

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