A Note On Joy

Originally, I planned on reviewing “The Expanse” as I just went through all three seasons and really enjoyed it…until the end, which wound up being an extremely anti-climactic note which left me cold.

Then, I considered doing something on the personal side. Perhaps some tidbits of wisdom about Wordslinging, being a single father, having to remember to swap out skin suits on time, or possibly the long-term side effects of my hyper-violent pasttimes as a teenager.

Nah. Just like the whack of the Georgia Devil Stick across a back, those just didn’t feel right.

The weather? Uhhh…it’s cold. Next!

Valentine’s Day? I mean…why?

Fears? Hopes? Dreams? Likes? Dislikes?


Every single subject matter I tried to play around with just felt too goddamn hollow or flimsy. Maybe I was getting boring. Or maybe I just didn’t have the condidence to put my voice to any subject matter at all. Was there anything I was passionate enough about to be able to fill a blog post and not just seem like another voice adding to the static? Anything besides writing, that is.

No. There isn’t.

The realization of this came over me, and the panic of thinking I really had nothing to add to the conversatiopn cleared. I am most certainly not the only writer, nor am I the most successful, but I am me. Trust me, nobody else is, and it shows. And it’s entirely okay for me to be so wholeheartedly devoted to my craft that my passion for anything else really ends up paling in compraison. Wordslinging is what I love doing. It’s the thing I kick my own ass about on a daily basis. It’s the thing I push myself to keep doing, not because it’s hard or I want to give up, but because every time I put a penicl to paper, or fingers to a keyboard, I end up with something that brings me absolute joy. And not that artificial stuff, either. Real joy. Even if only one goddamn sentence shines through thousands of words, I can clear the rest away and look at that one sentence like it’s a treasure.

I hope you all find that feeling in something, because there’s nothing better.

This may be short, but it’s sweet, too. No reason to fuck with it further. I have my passion. If you haven’t found yours, then why hold back? Go.

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