This page is for those people who have contributed to my Patreon, or have helped me in other invaluable ways throughout my years of Wordslinging. A kind of evolving dedication page.

Patreon Contributors

  • Dave Branch
  • Kristine Hansen
  • Brynna Sirai
  • Thomas White
  • Patrick Wallace
  • Angela Wurl
  • Corey Bain
  • D.K.
  • Marcos Richardson
  • Dick Wolfman “Rock n Roll” Frankenstein
  • Nate Bemis
  • Tim Grady
  • Dallas Blake


  • Shawn Costandine – For allowing my daughter and I to be guests in your home for so long.
  • Bret Achartz – For looking after my mental health in several ways.
  • Timothy Nordstrom – For making sure I was fed and in cigarettes when even I wasn’t sure where my next meal was coming from.
  • McKenzie Parkinson – For everything, and then 10,000,000,000 more.